Hardy Kiwi

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Actinidia arguta and Actinidia kolomikta

Loved for its abundance of delicious, sweet and tangy fruits. Hardy kiwis are perfect for planting along fences or trellises to support their climbing growth. Along with producing fruit you can enjoy hundreds of vibrant white blooms in the early spring that give way to the yummy fruit in summer. ** Please note that a male and female plant are needed to cross pollinate for fruit production. With your purchase we provide Kiwi 'Meader' which is a male variety and Kiwi 'Geneva' which is a female variety. These come in 2-gallon sized pots as shown in photo 3.


Grown By: Quality Greenhouses in Dillsburg, PA.

Full Sun, Part Sun


Growing zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

15-20” tall and wide

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