We're officially open for fall!

Browse our thousands of new fall plants & decor items that are ready and waiting to bring inspiration to your space!

How BloomBox Works

We’re dedicated to providing you quality plants directly to your door. Here’s how we do it:

  1. All of our plants are sourced and grown with care by the best local greenhouses

  2. Each plant is hand-picked by BloomBox to ensure you’re getting the healthiest options

  3. We then carefully pack your plants in open top boxes that are hand-delivered to your door

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Customer Reviews

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LOVE my BloomBox delivery! It’s my first, but it won’t be my last!

Amy F

I love the fall kit that I purchased.

Lisa A

The spring planters were awesome this year!

I just replaced the pansies with geraniums and petunias then back to pansies again for fall. But the grass, dusty miller, and ivy lasted the whole time!

Rhonda U

Just to show the incredible growth of these beautiful BloomBox Batwing Begonias and Sweet Potato Vine,

photo on left July 17, photo on right Oct. 2. I had difficulty fitting the 2nd one in the photo frame to show same ratio. I wish I could keep these growing!

Glenna V

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