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We are deeply appreciative of our growing fan-base. They inspire us daily with their creativity, beautiful gardens and planters, and support of one another in our social community.

These images and reviews have all been shared in our VIP Facebook community by our loyal, plant-loving customers. You can also read all of our reviews on the BloomBox Facebook page.

  • large planter with sweet potato vines and red canna lilly

    Thanks for a great summer season. These were the $1 each late season on sale potato plants....and the incredible banana plant which great almost 4 feet!

    Remy R
  • Brilliant red, yellow, and black pansies

    I became a fan of pansies. Thank you BloomBox!

    Robin B
  • planter of colorful purple cabbage, large purple mum, masquerade peppers, and purple pansies

    I love the fall kit that I purchased.

    Lisa A
  • BloomBox delivery truck arriving with an order

    So excited! My wreaths arrived this morning (ordered on Sunday) and are gorgeous. Will hang them on Friday!

    Judy T
  • Extra large purple aster

    Just some of the many beautiful, thriving plants I’ve gotten from BloomBox. These have taken all summer to bloom. Well worth the wait. I’ve never had gorgeous asters. Ever. Until now.

    Ginny M
  • planter filled with pansies, ivy, and grasses

    The spring planters were awesome this year! I just replaced the pansies with geraniums and petunias then back to pansies again for fall. But the grass, dusty miller, and ivy lasted the whole time!

    Rhonda U
  • dusty pink supertunias

    My Supertunias are still surviving! What a deal! We've even had a little frost and temps at night in the low 40's. I will be buying more, if offered, next year.

    Kerry M
  • Two open top boxes full of plants from BloomBox on delivery day

    LOVE my BloomBox delivery! It’s my first, but it won’t be my last!

    Amy F
  • large purple cauliflower plant

    Amazing BloomBox early fall veggies still producing mid December.

    Sherri K

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