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Lindera benzoin

Spicebush is a self-pollinating, deciduous, native shrub. It features small yellow flowers that bloom along the stem, before the leaves appear in spring. Female flowers will turn to red berries (that birds love) during late spring and summer months.

Tolerant of most soils, these work well in gardens, as borders or as a feature in larger gardens. Full grown specimens can reach 10 feet tall and wide.

Spicebush is naturally a woodland shrub and needs some shade, especially in the heat of the day. While the summer color is pretty plain, the bright yellow of the blooms in spring and leaves in the fall are dazzling. Both the blooms and foliage are aromatic and edible - most often used for tea.

This shrub is an important food source for spicebush swallowtail butterfly caterpillars.

Comes to you 24'36 inches tall in a 2 gallon pot, as shown in photo 5.

*Please note: Our native plants are field-grown and untreated with pesticides or fertilizers (how it should be!) Because of this, some varieties may show spots, browning or holes in the foliage during the fall months. Our plants have been organically treated if needed and are healthy and strong.


Grown By: Octoraro Nurseries in Kirkwood, PA.

Full Sun, Part Sun


Growing zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

6-12’ tall and wide

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