Pawpaw Tree

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Asimina triloba

Pawpaw is an easy to grow, low maintenance small tree or large shrub grown mainly for its yellowish-green fruits. It can sometimes grow to around 30 feet, but generally is around 15-20 feet tall. Often found along streams, ravines and low bottomed woodlands, the pawpaw tree prefers a medium to wet soil environment. Six petaled purple flowers form on bare branches before the elliptical, slightly drooping leaves appear. Flowers are somewhat insignificant and bloom around April - May. 

Oblong, yellowish-green fruits arrive after flowering and will turn a deep brown color as they mature in fall. The fleshy fruits have a banana-like taste. They can be eaten raw, but are often used in pies or ice creams. However, for some, the fruits and skins can cause nausea, stomach pains or skin irritations. Fruits often fall to the ground before fully ripened and need to finish ripening at home. Ripening outdoors is best as the smell can sometimes be overpowering. Raccoons, squirrels and opossums also love the fruits and sometimes beat humans to the harvest! 

*Please note: You will need more than one pawpaw tree in order to get fruit. Trees should be planted within 15 feet of each other to encourage cross-pollination and fruit production.

Leaves turn a bright yellow in fall, but sometimes the coloring is very understated. Still, it provides fall interest. Pawpaws are effective in native and wildlife gardens, grown in a shrub border or woodlands. The pulp of ripened fruits was used to make a yellow dye by early Americans.

Native to the eastern and southeastern United States.

Available in a sapling size measuring approx. 12" tall.


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Grown By: Eastern Shore Nursery in Melfa, VA.

Full Sun, Part Sun, Part Shade

Average to Moist

Growing zones 5, 6, 6a, 6b, 7, 7a, 7b

15-30' tall and wide

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