Deer Resistant Shade Garden Kit

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This item is currently out of stock in your area. Add it to your wishlist and we'll let you know when it's back!

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Welcome to our Deer-Resistant Shady Garden Kit – the ultimate DIY solution for creating a lush and resilient garden in shady areas while deterring unwanted deer visitors. This preplanned collection of plants is not only visually enchanting but also carefully selected for their deer-resistant properties, ensuring a worry-free gardening experience in shaded spaces. Explore the unique qualities of each plant in this curated kit:

  1. Lamium 'Orchid Frost' (Dead Nettle):

    • Deer-Resistant Features: Lamium's aromatic foliage acts as a natural deterrent to browsing deer.
    • Shade-Loving Groundcover: This low-growing perennial with silver-patterned leaves adds a touch of elegance, creating a carpet of color beneath taller plants.
  2. Heuchera 'Palace Purple' (Coral Bells):

    • Deer-Resistant Features: The waxy leaves of Heuchera are less appealing to deer, contributing to its resilience.
    • Versatile Foliage: With a variety of foliage colors and textures, Heuchera adds visual interest to shaded gardens while thriving in various soil conditions.
  3. Anemone 'Jasmine' (Windflower):

    • Deer-Resistant Features: Anemone's delicate flowers and foliage are not preferred by deer.
    • Shade-Adapted Elegance: Graceful and charming, the Windflower blooms in various colors, adding a whimsical touch to your shaded garden.
  4. Astilbe 'Visions':

    • Deer-Resistant Features: Astilbe's fern-like foliage and feathery plumes are naturally resistant to deer browsing.
    • Shade-Enthralling Blooms: Known for its stunning, plume-like flowers, Astilbe brings vibrant color and texture to shady areas, creating a picturesque display.
  5. Hakonechloa 'All Gold' (Japanese Forest Grass):

    • Deer-Resistant Features: Hakonechloa's graceful arching form and fine texture make it less enticing to deer.
    • Shade-Tolerant Beauty: This ornamental grass adds a delicate, cascading element to the garden, creating a serene and elegant atmosphere.

Key Features of our Deer-Resistant Shady Garden Kit:

  • Deer-Resistant Assurance: Enjoy a shaded garden without the worry of deer damage, as each plant is specifically chosen for its natural resistance to browsing deer.

  • Shady Splendor: Create a lush and vibrant garden in shaded areas, transforming overlooked spaces into captivating retreats.

  • Texture and Variety: Explore the diverse textures, colors, and forms of these plants, creating a visually appealing and dynamic garden design.

  • Easy DIY Gardening: Elevate your gardening experience with this preplanned kit, designed for simplicity and success in creating a deer-resistant, shady haven.

Transform your shaded outdoor space into a deer-resistant oasis with our DIY Deer-Resistant Shady Garden Kit. Order now and enjoy the serene beauty of your garden without the concern of deer interference.

Simply arrange the plants in your garden bed or border, water, and enjoy! This kit is suited for full-sun and will provide wonderful blooms throughout summer and into fall. 5 varieties of plants are in this kit, 15 plants in total. Ideal for a bed that is roughly 125 square feet. Refer to photo 2 as a planting guide.

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