The Benefits of Native Plants

Natives are varieties of plants that are naturally occurring in a region, and are very imporant to the environment.

These plants are naturally adapted to our local area, resulting in them requiring less care and maintenance. What gardener doesn’t love that? Even more importantly, native plants play a huge role when it comes to helping local ecosystems thrive.

open top BloomBox box full of native plants

Native plants provide an important and much richer source of shelter and food for wildlife, particularly pollinators and birds.

The unintended side effects of planting non-native selections in an area include dangerously reducing some animal and insects’ ability to survive in that region. This includes butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. Some plants are even considered invasive, pushing their native counterparts out of their natural habitats, and their wildlife companions with them.

Hand-selecting flowers from local greenhouse

We have one of the largest retail selections of native plants available in the mid-Atlantic region.

Any time you’re browsing a plant category on our site, you can check the “Native Plants” option in our filter bar to only view these ecosystem heroes. Of course, you can also shop our entire native plant selection with our dedicated collection.

We’re committed to natives because we want to encourage gardeners to start converting part or all of their gardens into mini food forests and bringing balance to our ecosystem.

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