Fall Mums: A Guide to Planting & Keeping Them Alive

Fall Mums: A Guide to Planting & Keeping Them Alive

It’s fall and everyone’s favorite flower is here...mums! This autumn staple is perfect for adding fall color to your garden, porch or home. Mums are most often grown as annuals in our area, but they are, in fact, perennial when planted in the ground. If you want them to come back next year, you will need to trim them in late May or June when they emerge for optimal growth. 

Caring for mums may seem daunting, but with a little TLC you can add great fall color. Here are a few tips for planting and keeping your mums alive all season long. 

First, mums need a lot of sun! Days are shorter and the sun is in a different position during fall so make sure that you find the best location in your garden for them to grow. An ideal spot would have at least 6 hours of sun per day. Keep this in mind when adding mums in containers to your porch and deck as well. 

Second, mums dry out super quickly! Be sure to give them a good soaking each time that you water. If leaves are looking droopy, they need some extra love and water. Consistent watering will go a long way with mums. If they dry out too many times, it will be hard for the mums to recover. 

Third, be sure to re-pot your mum when it arrives. Planting in the ground or in a container that is larger than the nursery pot is ideal. When you go to plant, be sure to break up the roots so they have room to grow and soak up water. Using a high quality potting soil in containers will also help. 

Lastly, the ever tedious job of deadheading spent flowers. Though it may seem like a chore, deadheading is really beneficial to mums. It helps the plants to not only look better, but increases the likelihood they will re-bloom. 

With a little TLC, mums can be a fantastic addition to your fall containers and gardens. Happy fall decorating!