Fall Decorating For Everyone

Fall Decorating For Everyone

Decorating for fall can be fun and easy! With a few simple ingredients, you can have your porch or entryway spruced up in no time. Adding fall color shouldn’t be hard so we’ve put together some tried and true combinations just for you. 

Bronze & Blue 

The gorgeous bronze color of fall with a pop of purple-blue. Complemented by spilling ivy and thrills of ornamental grass. 


Purple Peppers 

Purple pansies, peppers and cabbages are highlighted by a burst of pink mums.

Shades of Orange 

Texture, texture, texture. Shades of orange is all about adding foliage and texture in a more monochromatic orange hue. Bonus, you’ll even have 2 perennials to add to your landscape if you choose. 


Colorful Cabbages 

In shades of yellow, purple and white the cabbages steal the show here. Creeping jenny spills over the container and millet gives you just the right amount of height.


Autumn Colors 

A touch of yellow with the purple cabbage and millet grass make this perfect combination of autumn colors. 


Want to do it yourself? We’ve got you covered! All of our pre-planted containers also come in DIY kits



Adding everyone’s favorite fall flower to your decorations is another easy way to add instant color and appeal. From bronze to yellow, purple and red you’ll find them all here









Want to complete the whole look? Our Ultimate Autumn DIY Porch Kit has everything you need all in one bundle! We take the guesswork out of decorating and give you all the ingredients for a successful fall setup. You’re sure to be the talk of the neighborhood with this one!