Christmas Cactus 'Flame Crimson'

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Schlumbergera bridgesii 'Flame Crimson'

Dark green flat stem segments join together and produce a crimson red flower at the tip. Plants can get up to 2 feet tall. Fertilize once every two weeks in fall to give your plant a boost for flowering. 

Arrives to you in a 1 quart pot. Need a planter for your Christmas Cactus? Click HERE to shop.

Light requirements: Bright/Indirect 
Water Requirements: Regular- water once per week.
Soil Requirements: Light and well draining. 
Humidity: Around 50%, consider using a pebble tray underneath pot
Temperature Requirements: Thrives between 70 and 75 degrees once buds set.


Grown By: Quality Greenhouses in Dillsburg, PA.

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