Asclepias incarnata (Milkweed)

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Asclepias incarnata

A native Milkweed, Asclepias incarnata prefers moist to wet soil and is perfect for naturalizing and planting in or near rain gardens. With stems reaching nearly 5 feet tall, the pink blooms which appear later in the spring are a wonderful choice for pollinator gardens. Both the blooms and the foliage provide essential nutrients for migrating Monarch butterflies. The milky white sap can be irritating to human skin and it is recommended that you use caution when handling. However, the toxin that irritates our skin is ingested by butterflies during their larval stage and provides them essential protection from predators during their migration.

After the blooms fade, the fuzzy seed pods left behind provide food for native birds. While Milkweed is beautiful when planted as a feature, it is breathtaking when mass planted and highly beneficial. All and all, a great choice for gardeners concerned with planting beneficial natives.


Arrives to you in a gallon-sized pot.


Grown By: Quality Greenhouses in Dillsburg, PA.

Full Sun

Average to Moist

Growing zones 4, 5, 6, 7

4-5' tall, 2-3' wide

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