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Musa acuminata 'Grande Naine'

Loved for their large, lush leaves, banana trees make excellent indoor plants, that can be moved outdoors during warm months and double as patio decorations! Banana trees are incredibly easy to grow both indoors and out. they require bright light, but little care, watering or maintenance.

It's recommended to plant your banana in a large pot (14" or more in diameter) as their roots grow quickly. After transplanting, the tree will live in that pot for a considerable amount of time.  As new leaves grow from the center of the plant, the old leaves around the bottom will yellow and die off. Its best to remove these leaves on a regular basis using scissors or a knife, to promote new growth from the top.

Bananas will thrive with most soils, however Coast of Maine™ organic potting mix is recommended.

Light requirements: Bright/full sun
Water Requirements: Light- water bi-weekly
Soil Requirements: Light and well draining. Neutral PH. Ensure pot has drainage or keep planted in a well draining nursery pot and place inside of ceramic decorative pot.
Humidity: No need to mist
Temperature Requirements: Thrives between 50 and 90 degrees.

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